Another Vietnam

It's said that the media actually won the Vietnam War, due its reporting on American soldiers and wartime footage, which helped fuel anti-war rallies in America. Now that many newspapers and social media sites are willing to do anything to find new subscribers and sponsors, anyone can be targeted for character assassination, with the right price. Although many believe "popularity" has become the cesspool of society, in which monarchs will become the first casualties of global self-awareness. San Andreas has decided to fight back against an industry of studio pranksters armed with pens , teleprompters and algorithms. After the most recent conviction of a British royal sentenced to 50 years in prison on conspiracy, her case has been widely studied by law makers. With today's signing of the Prankster Act, social media companies must pay artists for their contributions to the site or it must be removed if not owned by the artist. Any links to articles or videos must also be owned by the individual re-posting content. Watchdogs have been placed on every social media site to monitor activities. With a fine ranging from $50,0000,000 - $100,000,000 and a prison sentence up to 18 years, companies have already taken action to comply. Currently the EU already have similar laws in place:


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