"Balancing" Financially Secure Options to Create Choices for All

* Legislative acts to ensure Federally protected deposits for home procurement in housing programs to reduce homelessness and create jobs through construction (home building), while artificially growing the housing market.

* The creation of global affordable investment services, accessible through Credit Unions, Banks, Post Offices and the most rural parts of the state.

* National movement towards financial literacy, beginning at adolescent. A primary focus on educators and linking them with corporations and underage student parents for the approval of marketing contracts. All of which should be subject to a global think tank to foster mental health growth for students and improve financial awareness.

* Access to affordable domestic/global financial services must be made accessible to the lay populace just like finding a job that's stagnate in wages as inflation and the stock market rise, while affordable housing prices also run rampant.


Access to financial services has always been limited in Bangladesh. The need for financial inclusion has thus largely surfaced in the country. As a result, agent banking services were implemented via an inclusive digital financial program across rural and unbanked areas of Bangladesh. Despite having a significant impact upon financial inclusion across developing countries, literature in this realm lacks in-depth investigations on agent banking and its impact on financial inclusion. This study thus aims to represent the overall aspect of agent banking and its association with financial inclusion in the setting of the developing country of Bangladesh. For this research, a case study approach has been employed. The study highlights that agent banking is an effective and credible way of entrenching financial deepening across the unbanked areas of Bangladesh. Moreover, the study emphasizes that agent banking can secure access to financial services for the rural poor and generate wholesome development for Bangladesh.

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