Biosecurity: The New OS Security

Absolutely no other industry has been self serving like that of gaming. Record profits are constantly being recorded by numerous of companies. With technology evolving at a record pace (hence Google's Sycamore - Quantum Computing), it's amazing that many industries within the workforce still exist. It seems to be a fear that technology now exist that could give a five year old the ability to cure his/her loved ones of cancer from simply accessing a console. Adopting biodegradable nanotechnology and existing minerals is only the beginning of this gamification quest. Medical facilities, big pharma and government agencies can't afford to ignore the scientific trends of bacteria continuous evolving immune system against antibiotics.

Without a doubt it should be criminal to allow such technologies to exist that could advance humanity and protect a populace to remain dormant. It's no secret that the human body itself will become the new OS (Operating System) for accessing personal security. Therefore the term biosecurity, a fairly new term should illuminate the correlation between sentient beings and digital species.


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