Credere Central Bank Invests Into the Past, Present & Future

Economics - When candidates discuss the "bottom line" of any topic, especially on financial matters concerning today's economy, in which today's workers can clearly be classified as sharecroppers, who are they really targeting? Here I reiterate the fact that if a conversation about regulating credit rating companies within the jurisdiction of every city, with its own Board of Economic Advisers to safeguard its populace from economic discriminatory practices, then any other job creation matters discussed is noise. Of course, to escape the noise of pointless financial matters, many candidates turn to political triage tactics. Giving false hope about a health care system that will inevitably be crushed by the weight of unseen and recorded domestic dilemmas caused by inadequate bipartisan cohesion to create an accurate policy for laying out a welcoming mat. Three things have gone largely unaddressed by today's candidates, one of which the current administration has been addressing.

The first is preparing the populace for the phasing out of physical tender (cash) , which involves an immense undertaking in accurately holding credit rating agencies accountable for discriminatory actions. The second is prison reform, in which the current administration has been working endlessly on. The third is PREVENTIVE health care. Targeting individuals at the K-14 grade levels and reinforcing medical research institutions under executive orders and financial backing through grants could have immediate effects on reducing states Medicaid budgets and preventing consumers from choosing to decide on whether to buy medication or dinner. Forming medical programs that focus on pre-existing conditions and even before birth data, could also reduce the strain on state funding.


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