Early & Modern Forms of Economic Terrorism: From Black Wall Street to Credit Rating Bureau's Today

CREDEFAX - For real results that will create transformational change, any evolving nation must focus on real economic policies that will advance its populace beyond its eight year tenure. Although 2,000 years (minimum) is ideal, major factors in creating such policies must deal with every aspect of a nations society, specifically its cultural inhabitants and their histories. Yet when a specific people, like Hebrews ('African-Americans/Blacks/Negros') have a rich history outlining their existence, complete with genetic correspondence and real estate documentation (the Bible & Quran) forming a kingdom, or nation without end should be effortless. All of which can begin describing why motives for economic terrorism has changed from physical actions like that of Black Wall Street to isolating consumers by area code or other forms of advanced algorithms.

With many studies and laws created to 'transform' the way corporations interact with employees and consumers, like Industrial Organizational Psychology and specifically the 1964 Civil Rights Act, none of which can be held accountable in this digital age, especially as more companies demand online applications. As economies are becoming cashless, credit rating companies are becoming the wardens of financial freedom, therefore should be under constant federal, local and state regulatory policy, with intense scrutiny. So, while politicians tout 'real transformational change', if regulating credit rating agencies and passing legislation that will give Americans a chance at financial inclusion is not the topic, then their noise 'transforms' into further labor creating jobs under a outdated minimum wage increase, worthy to be called sharecropping. To read more concerning topics about 'Financial Terrorism', access the following doc.


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