Facial Recognition Technology on ELcore Semantic Processors for Smart Cameras

"The International Astronomical Union highlighted the issue in a June statement, arguing that the reflective Starlink satellites could “be detrimental to the sensitive capabilities of large ground-based astronomical telescopes” and that “aggregate radio signals emitted from the satellite constellations can still threaten astronomical observations at radio wavelengths.”

This article introduces a solution to the problem of improving security in public places by analyzing the behaviour of people using smart cameras. The article describes the technologies for creating smart cameras for semantic image analysis based on the ELcore cores. The stages of semantic image analysis to detect and recognize faces are considered. The most resource-intensive algorithms are identified and implemented on DSP-cores of ELcore. The general path of image processing on DSP-cores of ELcore for face detection and recognition is no longer than 32 ms. This parameter meets the requirements for processing video frames in real-time mode and can be used in smart cameras for security systems.


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