Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Lawyers - MASON | DRAGON research on prisons in America has yielded alarming factors that go beyond statistical data that is being recorded publicly. Ignoring the fact that individual rights are being violated from being imprisoned until their court procedures are finalized have become a normal judicial proceeding. Many psychological applications within the populace to convict a fellow citizen before their trial is greater than ever. Public persuasion has created the arsenal of pre-conviction, without cogent evidence a jury and populace can be persuaded. Since the time of Pontius Pilate and Socrates, orchestrating mass hysteria is now respected as a liberal art and science.

MASON | DRAGON's investigative reporting also revealed stigma's placed on citizens returning to society from prison. The greatest example of societal pre-convictions is that of media outlets using previous police mugshots in cases of another, unfortunate charge before a case is complete, which pre-convicts the defendant among a populace. Clearly Miranda Rights are useless (in most cases) if an individual is in custody, because their 'rights' have already been violated (innocent until proven guilty - an individual is not presumed innocent if they're in chains). Individuals detained in jail before trial is staggering, yet has gone widely unaddressed . Revisiting precise actions after enacting Miranda Rights must be addressed. For further reading concerning this topic review the following doc.


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