MASON | DRAGON Presents Mathematics In Place of Seats

Lawyers [Flashforward] - Credere Central Bank's subsidiary MASON | DRAGON is already beginning to tighten it's strategic rope around the competition by presenting its mathematical observations in a local law journal. With recent objections of a Supreme Court judge warning against adding another seat onto the court by quoting "it's a bad idea", her job, with current and future Justices may be numbered, literally.

With the many problems plaguing the judicial system, from racial targeting by police officers to inconsistent convictions based on sex, race and corporate beliefs etc., MASON | DRAGON has presented a new algorithm, presented through gamification to insure public safety, ease of learning and fair trials. Critics have cited that such algorithms will eventually be the norm in our judicial system, controlled by big tech firms, who are already larger than most governments and can pre-convict defendants through affiliated business applications. Yet MASON | DRAGON's Perrin application focuses on pre-law and completely the opposite of what critics are fretting about. Informing the public through gamification applications on the future of how court decisions will be made, intimately connects the populace with a system concerned about their well-being, collectively aware of their potential community growth and accurate contributions. With the laFor further reading concerning this topic, read the following doc.


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